Shimano Dura-Ace PD-9100 Pedals

by: Shimano

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Over the generations of Dura-Ace, we've become more accustomed to seeing the gradual incorporation of carbon fiber. And while this seems like an interpretive advancement, Shimano has remained steadfast in its purposeful placement. So, instead of senselessly making every facet of the Dura-Ace group from carbon, we see it in places of direct benefit, like the mid-spider carrier of the cassette, the arm of the rear derailleur, and at the platform of the Dura-Ace PD-9100 SPD-SL Pedals, So, you might be wondering, aside from the carbon composite body, what's really changed with the 9100 pedals? Well, a great deal, actually. To start, the pedals feature a wider fit positioning adjustability in order to create a more stable platform than what was available with prior iterations. This system has also been paired with a new cleat, as well and 3 degrees of added cornering clearance. Together, the 9100 pedals create a more extensive platform for power transfer, while simultaneously providing an increased level of comfort. And while the aforementioned contributes to an increased pedal efficiency, Shimano has gone to immense lengths to redesign the definition of comfort with the 9100 pedals, with a 20 gram reduction in weight over the 9000 model. The principals of the cleat retention system are centered on a front/center pivoting system. And within this new design, the SM-SH12 cleat plays a pivotal role. This is because the interaction between the cleat and pedal limits toe movement and lateral play by restricting float to +/- one degree. So, the system basically corrects your bad habits before they happen. Together, this will minimize knee strain, hot spots, and contribute to absolute efficiency. However, we advise you not to be intimidated by the shortened degree of float, as this is not to be confused with the strength of cleat retention, only the degree of lateral movement. But, on that note, Shimano did keep one of our favorite features of Dura-Ace pedals, the spring-loaded tension adjustment.

    • Pedal Wrench Type: 15 mm
    • Material: [pedal] carbon composite, [top plate] stainless steel
    • Float: 1 deg
    • Equally stiff with better cornering clearance than 9000
    • Compatible with SPD-SL cleats

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