Warranty Issues

What is the warranty of the item I am considering purchasing?

Every item Giantnerd offers is covered by a warranty from the individual manufacturers*. Generally, warranties cover defects from normal use. Damage from abuse, neglect, accidents, and racing are not covered under warranty. Giantnerd will extend to its customers any manufacturer's warranty on merchandise we sell but otherwise makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of the merchandise. Giantnerd will facilitate warranties for customers through the manufacturers within the confines and policies of each manufacturer. The customer is responsible for any labor and shipping charges incurred during the warranty process. Warranties can take up to 30-90 days to be processed by manufacturers and are subject to the individual manufacturer. Giantnerd cannot guarantee timeframe or resolution from said warranties. Giantnerd shall in no way be responsible for the improper use of the merchandise purchased and the customer is urged to exercise caution and take all necessary safety measures in using the merchandise, including the use of a helmet and lights.

*Crank arm stripping is not covered under Shimano or FSA's warranty policy.  If during the course of pedal installation, riding, or other activities, the rider strips a crank arm on the bicycle, it shall not be covered by warranty.  This is stated as the manufacturers of the cranks do not classify this as a warranty issue, as it is in no way caused by a manufacturer defect.*