Tech Videos


We get a lot of questions about bike care, maintenance, and functionality, so our head tech Jon decided to make some videos for everyone.  Below are helpful videos on a variety of topics, with many more to come.  We would love to hear what videos would be helpful to you, so let us know.


Installing your pedals is essential to getting out on the trail, this short video

shows you the best technique to get it done right and fast.

 Just like you change the oil in your car, you need to keep you drivetrain clean and lubed

to maximize your riding performance and bicycle life.

Having your seatpost at the perfect height can make the difference between a great ride

and back pain, check out the video and set yours right.


Every once and a while (especially if removing wheels often) your brake calipers 

get out of line, this short video shows you how to easily re-adjust them yourself.


Whether you are putting your bike in the car or changing a flat, removing your wheel 

is an easy and essential skill, check out the video to make it easier than ever.


Removing your rear wheel can be a little tricky the 1st time.  Check it this video

for helpful and time savings tips on rear wheel removal.