Meet Your Giantnerd Staff


 Justin - Operations Manager

Justin's passion for cycling started when he was 18, while working as a bicycle technician at a local bike shop.  He grew up in a small town outside of Austin where he spent his entire childhood being as active as possible.  After receiving an Associate's Degree in pre-hospital care, he worked as a medic in Austin for a short time before coming to Colorado.  Upon moving to Denver, Justin was given the head bike tech position for one of the larger sporting goods stores in the Denver Area.  After leaving the store, to further his bicycle career, Justin came to Giantnerd to operate the warehouse and oversee the shipping and assembling of bikes.  Justin frequently rides to work and enjoys many weekend rides on his Tommaso Superleggera.  Just is passionate about this industry and his love of cycling and had work have steadily moved him up the ranks in Giantnerd, to be where he is today.


Chris - Sales, Service, and Marketing Manager

Chris was born in Virginia, where he spent much of his childhood outdoors and in the Appalachian Mountains.  It was there that he first developed an interest in mountain biking and other mountain sports.  After finishing school in Virginia, he attended the University of Central Florida.  While in Florida, Chris had his first opportunity to begin road biking, while he was earning his marketing degree.  Upon complete his degree, Chris felt the call to return to the mountains.  Shortly after graduation he relocated to Denver, to pursue the active Colorado lifestyle the Rocky Mountains has to offer.  After working various sales and service jobs in the outdoor industry, he finally found a home at Giantnerd, managing sales, service, and marketing.


Jon - Head Technician

Jon has been a bike mechanic for 10 years and was trained at Barnett's Bicycle Institute.  He began his bike mechanic career at Ted's Bicycles in Colorado Springs and worked there while getting his communications degree from UCCS.  Jon's love of bicycles and riding goes beyond pure mechanics, as he formerly raced XC mountain bikes with the Front Rangers team in Colorado Springs during his teenage and college years.  Aside from his work at Giantnerd, Jon is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Colorado Army National Guard.  Jon Currently rides his Tommaso Aggrazziato to work daily and takes his love of the cycling industry everywhere he goes. 


Harley - Warehouse Associate

Harley became hooked on cycling at age 19 when he borrowed his brother's 10-speed Schwinn Varsity.  Weighing in at about 40 pounds. this champions-yellow tank of a bike had to be walked up the hills in his hometown in Connecticut, but reached lightening speeds on any declined road.  So, once Harley moved out to Colorado to attend the University of Denver, he acquired a much lighter bike and began exploring the beautiful city.  After a four year relationship with bicycles, he decided to tie the knot post graduation by working with the best bike company around -  Harley currently supports all aspects of the company including assembling bikes, assisting in operations, as well as social marketing efforts.  He enjoys the mountainous views from his Tommaso on his daily commute, which he rides every single day, rain or shine.  



The Giantnerd staff loves to ride.  Check out some of our favorite rides on the Front Range, and we hope to see you on the trail!  Click Here to see it on the map.