COVID - 19 Message To Our Customers:

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us as your cycling partner. As we continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to share with you the steps we've taken to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

To do our part in this effort, we have closed our Denver showroom to the public at this time, but will continue online operation. For our customers we are working hard to keep our operations as normal as possible, but you may see slower response to some customer inquiries and to the preparation and shipping of bikes and shoes. PLEASE NOTE: due to additional safety measures to protect our employees and customers during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as extremely high demand, all Ready to Ride Builds can take a few days extra to ship. If this doesn't match your needs, please use cod "BUILD" at checkout to waive the assembly and your bike will ship out in one business day.

This is due to the fact that we have asked our employees to work from home if possible. If not possible we have asked them to keep at a minimum of 6 feet from other employees. We have also increased all sanitation practices and procedures to optimize safety. This of course will slow our operations a bit, but we feel it is the right thing to do not only for our customers and employees but for the country as a whole.

While our team has not been affected directly by the coronavirus we have asked every employee to stay home if they feel sick in the slightest way and have communicated to them that we will pay them for the time off.

Finally our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the virus and hope that with all of us working together and being socially respectful that we can move past this as quickly as possible.


The Tommaso Bikes & Giantnerd Team