About Tommaso


Since it's founding in 1985, Tommaso has existed with one goal in mind: To create the finest bikes in the world. Over the years Tommaso has acted upon this lofty commitment utilizing the latest advances in technology and value engineering to ensure its bikes are not only world class, but also affordable.

Even today at Tommaso we strive to carry on the great traditions of cycling as set forth by the world class Italian cyclist like Tommaso De'Pra. While no one knows if Tommaso De'Pra was the inspiration behind the brand, his drive to always be the best mo matter what the odds is a large part of the Tommaso culture and heritage.

Today Tommaso has expanded from it's Italian roots to having operation around the globe. Our design operations are co-located in Italy and the USA and frames are produced by the finest factories in the world. This focus on utilizing the best designers, engineers and manufacturers from around the world allows Tommaso to provide their customers with the finest bikes and the most value.

Tommaso USA is located in Denver, Colorado and is owned and run by real riders who have a passion for cycling. Being located in Colorado allows us to test each and every Tommaso model under the most grueling conditions. So much so that Tommaso is one of the only brands in the world that guarantees its frames for life.

Tommaso's commitment to excellence spans design, craftsmanship and customer service. Tommaso's inspiration comes from a time-honored Italian tradition of putting the customer first. From the parts that Tommaso uses to the way they ship their product, they accept nothing less than perfection. Quality control is critical to the construction of every Tommaso.

Even with modern technologies, they do not take any shortcuts. They require that every Tommaso bike must be built by hand and undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection before it leaves the factory. They have the same standards for every bike whether it has been designed to get a commuter across town or a world-class racer across the finish line. Considering the amount of effort that is place into creating a Tommaso bike, they are confident that once you ride one, you will never consider any other brand again.

At Tommaso, they live for the beautiful art this is the bicycle and the feeling of freedom that it offers. This is what sets Tommaso apart from the competition and will continue to define them as craftsmen and riders.