Mavic Aksium Race Wheelset - Black

by: Mavic

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Money often dictates what level of wheel we choose for our machines, and often the list of 'affordably-priced' wheels is more difficult to sift through than the 'high-end' wheels. Fortunately, the Mavic Aksium Race Wheelset not only keeps the budget conscious satisfied, but maintains the quality and performance we've come to expect from Mavic wheels.

The Aksium rims are constructed from black anodized 6106 aluminum. As in the rest of their aluminum wheel line, Mavic uses UB Control technology to mill the braking surfaces of the rim. The result is improved brake friction and shudder-free stops in almost all weather conditions.

The Aksium wheels feature 20 (front and rear) bladed, straight-pull, steel spokes with brass nipples. Each spoke is equipped with Mavic's Self Lock technology that uses a special shape on the spoke end to make it impossible to loosen when it's on the thread. The design eliminates tension loss, and the wheels stay truer, longer.

Weighing in at only 1735 grams the Aksium wheels are truely lightweight bulletproof wheels built to withstand any riding conditions.  Adding to the Askium's sturdy consturction Mavic's early and broad dedication to aerodynamics makes this wheel fast as well.

    • Weight Front Wheel - 800 grams, Rear Wheel - 935 grams, Total - 1735 grams
    • Contact area between the pawls and the hub body is reinforced with stainless steel which allows Mavic to use an all-aluminum hub body for reduced weigh
    • Dual-sealed high-quality bearings with C3 tight tolerances for dirt-resistance and high efficiency
    • Mavic's Self-Lock spoke end system makes it impossible for spokes to loosen so the wheel needs to be trued less than wheels with conventional spokes
    • Hammer hardening strengthens the rim in the area where the spokes exert the greatest stress to add durability
    • Milled brake surfaces improve brake friction and eliminate shuddering
    • Compatible with Shimano and SRAM 9/10/11 speed cassettes
    • Size 700c

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