September 27, 2016


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We Moved!

2016 has been an incredible year for Giantnerd, and we outgrew our old warehouse.  We just finished moving from our home base of the past four years to a much bigger and more accessible location.  This change is huge, and will allow us to stock more bikes than ever before, helping us keep up with skyrocketing demand.

The new space from the front side, soon to have a huge display sign on the front!
This past year, we saw all of our hard work come to fruition, as our sales more than doubled, allowing for future expansion in huge ways.  The only downside to this huge influx in sales was the fact that we could only stock so many bikes at a time in our old warehouse.  So, if you have been eagerly waiting on a new Tommaso and your size is out of stock, we have 1,000s of bikes in production now, with container after container being delivered to us in the coming months.  


Our new warehouse space after we got our new racking setup
A section of the new warehouse after we loaded in a new shipment of Imolas we have in stock. 


We have been getting countless emails regarding specific bike's stock levels, so here is a list of the bikes that are coming into the new warehouse with their expected arrival dates:

Forcella / La Forma (New Colors) - December 30th 2016

Sentiero / Sterrata / Avventura / Illimitate (New Colors) - January 10th 2017

Tiempo / Monza (New Colors) - January 22nd 2017

If you didn't see the model you are waiting for on here, don't worry, we are getting a whole lot more models in 2017.  This new warehouse will allow us to keep stock levels higher in the future and offer new colors and models as we continue to expand.

If you live in Denver, or are just passing through, come to visit us at:

 3700 Havana Street
Unit 102
Denver, CO 80239

Chris Schuerman
Chris Schuerman


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