August 29, 2017


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Shimano ME2 - Best Value Performance MTB Shoe On The Market

Have you been looking for a durable, performance mountain bike shoe that doesn't break the bank? The new Shimano ME2 is your ticket to performance and value! The ME2 is new to Shimano for 2017 and is designed for cross-country and trail riding.

For 2017, Shimano chose a triple strap system, as opposed to the double straps on 2016's M065. This allows the ME2 to utilize Shimano's cross x-strap technology, featured on the middle strap. This technology holds your foot better, offering increased stability and handling, while you are riding your hardest. 

For riders looking for weight savings, the ME2 comes in at 365 grams, making it lighter than the ME3 and the ME7. This weight savings comes without sacrificing the performance, grip, and comfort that riders demand.

The midsole of the ME2 is also reinforced with glass fiber, to offers optimal power transfer and great stiffness for an entry level shoe. The sole also offers a lengthened cleat-adjustment range, which customizes to meet a wide variety of rider's needs and preferences. 

When you buy your new ME2 from, you get access to our exclusive orange edition, as well as the standard black/white model. Get yours today HERE


Chris Schuerman
Chris Schuerman


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