April 20, 2016

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Reviewing The New Tommaso La Forma & Sano

The La Forma & Sano have always been a favorite among commuters, urban riders, or those just looking to get out and enjoy the freedom cycling has to offer.  For 2016 we decided to keep everything that customers love about these bikes, while giving them a makeover to push them to a new degree of performance.  By redesigning the frame and putting a premium Shimano Acera crankset on these bikes, the fitness line will never be the same.

The frames are looking great with new paint jobs, but the real upgrade is holes for mounting a rear rack.  With the added holes in the rear triangle, riders are now able to install a variety of racks to help them carry anything from work supplies to groceries to sporting gear.  This new addition makes the 2016 La Forma & Sano the optimal commuter bikes, and give you a great reason to leave the car behind and breathe some fresh air.

Another huge change on the La Forma & Sano for 2016 is the new Acera groupset.  Shimano recently redesigned the Acera line, making it better than ever, so we decided to equip these new bikes with a full Shimano Acera drivetrain.  By overhauling the groupset Shimano was able to greatly improve shifting precision and control.  The new groupset received a lot of trickle down from higher level Shimano components, enhancing the entire experience while offer the incredible Acera value.  The new shifters feature an easy to read speed display and their most responsive shifting yet.  Finally the crankset integrates perfectly with the groupset and provides a chainring guard to keep your pants from getting caught on the chainring teeth while riding around town.



Chris Schuerman
Chris Schuerman


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