July 15, 2015


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Redfox Wireless Products

At Giantnerd we love cycling and other outdoor sports, but we also have a passion for music.  Many of us believe sports and music go hand in hand, and that music can really help you push yourself to perform better as an athlete.  While at the Vail Mountain Games this year, our purchaser ran into the owner of Redfox Wireless, and we were very intrigued by their product selection.  We decided that we enjoy listening to music while we exercise and compete, so we figured most of you would as well.  

Shortly after the Vail Mountain Games, we decided to place an order and try some of the Redfox product line out.  Their flagship product is the Edge Bluetooth Wireless Headphone system, so we figured that would be a great place to start.  Having used lots of different Bluetooth headphones, our staff was a little skeptical, but we thought, "Hey, if it's good enough for Olympic athletes and was ranked as the Best Headphones by Runner's World Magazine, they may be worth a try".  Well, all I can say is we weren't disappointed, so much so that some of our staff members literally work with them on all day now.  These things are really awesome, you can even answer all of your phone calls at the touch of a button, and be easily heard with the built in speaker.  They have awesome sweat protection to, because they were actually designed by athletes for athletes, and you know, all athletes do sweat. 


After a great trial of the headphones, we decided to test some of their other products.  Next on the list was the Redfox Rover Bluetooth Speaker.  This speaker easily connects, via Bluetooth, to your phone or iPod and is extremely portable.  It even comes with a mount to attach it to your seatpost, so you can enjoy quality sound wherever you go.  The durable rubber coating and waterproof protection really puts this thing over the top, as no one likes a speaker they have to baby and never really get tot use.

We have been thrilled with how the new Redfox gear has been performing, and highly recommend it.  If you have been looking for a great Bluetooth system that is ready for all of your workouts, Redfox is the ticket.  Check our new selection of Redfox Products here, and find your perfect system today.

Chris Schuerman
Chris Schuerman


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