May 19, 2015

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Rack Attack

Have you been looking for the perfect commuter bike this season?  Well, we specifically designed every 2015 Tommaso Aluminum Bike to better meet your needs as a commuter and a rider.  Whether you get one of our Aluminum Road Series, Women's Specific Road Series, or Adventure Disc Road Series, your new frame will be rack-ready to give you the options you demand as a commuter.


With rack mounts drilled and tapped into ever 2015 Tommaso frame, it is easier than ever to add the perfect rack to your new bike with ease.  These sturdy mounts can handle almost any rack on the market, and allows riders to add gear and luggage for commuting or touring trip.


We recently ordered some new racks and tested them on the bikes, to make sure they meet Tommaso standards, and were thrilled with the results.  These frame racks have between a 45-55 weight limit and attach easily with nothing more than an Allen wrench.  


If this sounds exactly like what you have been looking for, then you are in luck.  This week, we are offering 25% off all bike racks.

Use code LUGGAGE at checkout to save 25% off every rack we offer.  Offer valid thu 5/26

CLICK HERE to checkout out our rack selection today!

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


1 Comment


December 23, 2015

Good way of making the elsdens driving more pleasant. I used to do the same on the exercise bike, but now I’ve given up that bike!Lovely pictures too, Ciara. Have a fun weekend.

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