May 05, 2015


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Tommaso Imola Review

Over the past month, we have looked at a different bike from our 2015 Aluminum Line each week.  After checking out the Monza, Tiempo, and Forcella, I finally got to spend quality time on the Imola.  The Imola is our number one selling bike every year, and with such a great package at under $500, it is easy to see why.  While the Imola may not have some of the bells and whistles of other models, it puts in work where it counts.  So, let's get down to the brass tacks and see what is new with the Imola for 2015.

Upon inspecting the Imola, I was very pleased with the new color scheme for 2015, and thought the overall look of the bike was great.  The next notable change was getting rid of the old Sunrace shifters and generic crank, with both being replaced by Shimano Claris components.  With the shifters, derailleurs, and crankset all being Shimano Claris, it is looking like a pretty nice change from previous year models.  The new gearing looks great, and the Imola still stays true to its roots with a 24 speed drivetrain that has made it a favorite for riders who want a large range of gear options.


The 2015 Imola is going to use the same great compact frame that all of the other 2015 Aluminum Road Series will be using.  This is great, because in previous years the Imola has had a slightly downgraded frame that didn't take advantage of tube shaping technologies.  The new compact frame design allows riders to get more power out of every pedal stroke, and adds comfort on those long rides.  The Imola differs from the other 2015 aluminum bikes, by offering a steel fork, instead of a carbon one.  While this does increase the weight and vibration transfer slightly, it also makes for a tough, sturdy design that will last year after year.


This year's drivetrain looks great and performs even better.  2015 is the first year we have ever used a Shimano crankset on the Imola, and the difference is undeniable.  Shifting is smooth and pickup is great, thanks to the new gearing ratio.  By switching the chain rings from 30/42/52T to the new 30/39/50T, while keeping the cassette a 12x25T, riders gain increased climbing power without sacrificing a high top speed.  The shifters feel great, and are a huge upgrade in ergonomics from the Sunrace shifters of previous years.  If you have ridden Imolas in the past, get ready to be impressed.



The Imola dumped the old, heavy 32 spoke Weinmann wheelset we have used for years, and got upgraded to the new Tommaso Corsa TC-20.  This new wheelset is lighter and tougher, not to mention better looking, and sure to become a favorite of Imola fans.   With the strength of 20 front and 24 rear spokes, you can still count on the Imola to handle whatever the road has to dish out and ask for more.


The handlebars are another change for the 2015 Imola, going away from full size to compact.  While these handlebars do differ slightly from our carbon line, they still offers compact drops, allowing riders to easily access this valuable positioning with ease.  Now riders of all levels can easily enjoy the benefits or lightweight, compact handlebars.



The last notable change to the Imola for 2015 is the saddle.  Tommaso joined forces with world class saddle manufacturer WTB, to create the custom Tommaso Volt saddle.  This saddle offers lightweight comfort and performance, with the specially designed "Love Channel", this saddle relieves pressure and leaves you ready to power through whatever the road has to offer.  If you have been displeased with overly tough road saddles in the past, get ready for a welcome change.

As you can see, some great changes have occurred since 2014, and leave many wondering how it is possible to fit so much value in a road bike for under $500.  Well, it may not have been easy, but it was definitely worth it.  With upgrades in every possible area, the 2015 Imola shifts like a dream and rides like a bike twice its price.  It would be nice to have a carbon fork on the Imola, and there are some definite benefits of having a couple extra gears on the cassette, but all in all I was impressed.  I ride a lot of bikes and have tested every Tommaso model we have ever sold, and I can say without a doubt the new 2015 Aluminum Line is our best yet.  The new Imola looks great, rides better, and comes with the unbeatable quality and service you expect from Tommaso.  If you are looking for the perfect entry level road bike, the Imola is your ticket to fun and freedom.

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Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


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