April 28, 2015

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Tommaso Forcella Review

This week, we are going to be looking at the Tommaso Forcella, which in previous year's has gone by the name Imola Carbon.  We decided that with the huge upgrades this year, that this bike deserved a new name.  The Forcella is not just an Imola with a carbon fork anymore, it is its own distinct bike, with some amazing features not seen in any of our other aluminum bikes.  At $599, this is definitely one of the best values in cycling today, and is sure to change the way you look at an entry level road bike.

For 2015 the Forcella is equipped with a full Shimano Claris drivetrain.  That's right, the crankset, cassette, shifters, and derailleurs are all premium Shimano Claris.  This uncompromising approach brings brilliantly smooth shifting and power, that you are sure to notice immediately.  The 24 powerful Shimano Claris gears offer a great range and allow riders to easily climb large hills and speed through the flats.  So, let's get into what is new this year, and why the 2015 Forcella is most certainly not just an Imola with Carbon Fork.


For the frame, we use the same high quality frame you will see of higher end models like the Tiempo and Monza.  This allows riders at all price points to enjoy the awesome power of a compact frame set with tons of style from our premium shaped tubes.  With an HCT carbon fork, the Forcella drops weight and decreases road vibrations with ease.  A great new feature of the Forcella's frame is how commuter friendly it is.  Equipped with mounts for heavy duty racks on the back, this bike is sure to become your new favorite way to get out and explore.


The 2015 Forcella is the only bike in our 2015 Aluminum Road Series that features a full Shimano drivetrain.  There are no mixed and matched pieces on the Forcella, as every component is designed to work perfectly and fluidly together offering the performance that every rider deserves.  With a Claris 30/39/50T Triple Crankset in front and a Claris 12x25T Cassette in the rear, you are given an incredible range of speeds to help you conquer old roads and find new challenges.  



Going away from the Weinmann Wheelsets we have used in the past, the Forcella enjoys an upgrade to the stable and reliable Tommaso Corsa TC-30 Wheelset.  With the strength of 20 front and 24 rear spokes, the Forcella can take whatever the road throws its way, and ride away in style.  Featuring a 30mm rim for added aerodynamics, centrifugal force, and road dampening capabilities, the TC-30 is the best wheelset we have ever put on an entry level bike.


Across the board for 2015, we went with a more compact handlebar than we have used in the past.  While these handlebars do differ slightly from our carbon line, they still offers compact drops, allowing riders to easily access this valuable positioning.  Now riders of all levels can easily enjoy the benefits or lightweight, compact handlebars.


For 2015, we worked directly with WTB to create our customer WTB Tommaso Volt Saddle.  We use this same saddle on premium carbon bikes like the Aggraziato, and are now sharing this breakthrough in technology and comfort with all of our road bikes.  With a specially designed "Love Channel", this saddle will relieve pressure and keep you comfortable exactly where you need it, so there is nothing to think about except how much you are enjoying the ride.

With all of these incredible changes for 2015, we are confident that the Tommaso Forcella is the best entry level bike on the market.  With a full Shimano Claris drivetrain, Tommaso Corsa TC-30 wheels, a premium HCT carbon fork, and the comfort and performance of a WTB Volt saddle, this bike will leave you blown away at all the value it fits in the $599 price tag.  The only thing I found myself wanting was a little more range in the cassette, but with an 8 speed system, the Forcella does everything you would expect and more.  If you have been looking for a great bike for 2015 that will turn heads and won't break the bank, the Forcella is the ride for you.

If the 2015 Tommaso Forcella sounds like the perfect bike for your 2015 season, we have a special offer for you.  Take an extra $50 off the Forcella all week long, by using code "FORCELLA" at checkout.  This great offer expires on May 6th, so don't miss out.

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


1 Comment


March 22, 2017

Thank you for this review. The Tommaso Forcello Compact Bike sounds and looks like a classy bike that I would enjoy
riding and would be proud to own. Very informative.

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