April 13, 2015


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Tommaso Monza Review

I have just finished thoroughly testing all four of the new 2015 Tommaso Aluminum Bikes, and I have to say I am impressed.  Over the next month, I will be reviewing the four new models, to let you know the benefits and downsides of each new model.  Each week, there will be a special discount for the bike that is at the center of the discussion.  

This week, I wanted to talk a little about the 2015 Tommaso Monza, and let riders know what is different for 2015.  The first thing I noticed upon pulling the Monza out of the box was how great the new TC-40 wheelset looked.  These deep dish rims are amazing and really give the bike some aesthetic appeal.  Next, the paint scheme this year is a little different than what we have done in the past, and it looks great.  The handlebars also have a compact design on the 2015 Monza, which really helps riders utilize the drops easier and take advantage of all handlebar positions.  So, let's break down the different aspects of the bike, and see if this is the perfect ride for your 2015 season.


To start things off, let's take a look at the frame, which is actually re-designed for 2015.  The new frame utilizes more tube shaping than has been used in past models, which really gives it a sleek, fast, and modern look.  The frame is also a compact, which makes positioning great for riders and really relieves stresses on your back during longer rides.  All in all, the new frame is a nice step up from last year's model, and feels great on the road.


The drivetrain for the Monza is going to be very similar to last year's model, as it still utilizes a blend of Tiagra, 105, and FSA.  The crankset is going to be an FSA Vero, which is a great mid-level crankset.  The FSA Vero integrates very well with the Tiagra & 105 system, and offers smooth power.  We went with a 105 rear derailleur and a Tiagra front derailleur and shifters.  This blend delivers smooth shifting, and a little extra get-up on the rear derailleur, giving riders shifting power where they need it most.  Finally, we went with a Tiagra cassette, as we had done on previous models, but changed the gearing ratio to add great climbing power.  Switching from an 11x25T cassette to a 12x28T cassette allows riders to climb steeper grades with ease, without sacrificing flat land speed.  When riding the bike at on some steep grades over the weekend, this was one of the most notable benefits of the 2015 Monza.



One of the most obvious changes for 2015 is defintely going to be switching from Alex R450 rims to Tommaso TC-40 Aero rims.  The Alex rims were decent intermediate rims, but did not offer much in the way of aerodynamics and speed, which offered us a great opportunity for 2015.  To add aerodynamics and speed for the new Monza, we developed the 40mm deep dish rim, with bladed spokes.  The deep dish rim offers great aero features and allows the Monza to cut through the wind with ease.  Another added benefit is the increased centrifigal force offers increased stability and costing ability, making this the most stable of the 2015 Aluminum line.  While this upgraded wheelset did add some weight to the 2015 model, the benefits seems to greatly outweigh the additional weight gain.


We feel it is essential for every rider to be able to use all the positions on the handlebars comfortably and with ease.  On our 2015 Carbon Road Bikes, we went with an ultra-compact handlbar design that made utilizing the drop feature on the bars easier than ever.  Riders loved the new handlebars so much, that we decided to trickle down this great technology to the 2015 Monza.  



The last notable change to the Monza for 2015 is the saddle.  Tommaso joined forces with world class saddle manufacturer WTB, to create the custom Tommaso Volt saddle.  Offering lightweight comfort and performance, with the specially designed "Love Channel", this saddle relieves pressure and leaves you ready to power through whatever the road has to offer.


That is a little summary of what the new 2015 Tommaso Monza has to offer riders.  To sum it all up, the Monza looks great, climbs like a dream, and offers some incredible upgrades riders will notice immediately.  With only a slight weight gain from last year's model, the Monza is perfect for riding local races, exploring, and group rides with friends.

If the 2015 Tommaso Monza sounds like the perfect bike for your 2015 season, we have a special offer for you.  Take an extra $50 off the Monza all week long, by using code "MONZA" at checkout.  This great offer expires on April 20th, so don't miss out.



Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


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