April 21, 2015

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Tommaso Tiempo Review

Next up for testing in the 2015 Tommaso Aluminum Series is going to be the Tiempo.  After riding the Tiempo for the past week, I was thrilled to see how the changes and additions to the 2015 model compared to the 2014 Tiempo.  Let's take a look at this incredible bike and see how much value can possibly squeezed into a $699 road bike.

All the 2015 Tommaso bikes have undergone a notable transformation and the Tiempo is no exception.  Upon my first inspection with the Tiempo, one change really jumped out at me, and that was the crankset.  The crankset really got upgraded this year, going from a generic triple to a premium Shimano Sora double, to optimize weight savings and efficiency.  The new Tommaso TC-30 wheelset looked amazing as well, and I couldn't wait to get this baby on the road!  Without further ado let's delve into this masterpiece of affordable road cycling technology and see what it can offer riders this season.


As with all the new 2015 Tommaso bikes, the frame for the 2015 Tiempo is brand new and totally re-designed to give you superior comfort and power on every ride.  This lightweight, compact frame features a premium HCT carbon fork, offering great efficiency and vibration dampening.  We also added mounts to the rear triangle, making the 2015 frames perfect for commuters and city riders who want to add a heavy duty rack to the frame.


In the previous year models of the Tiempo, there has always been a 3x9 drivetrain.  For 2015, we changed that to a 2x9 system, to increase efficiency and make tuning a breeze.  We also replaced a heavy triple crankset with a new Shimano Sora double, making for smoother shifting and great weight savings.  The new 11x28T cassette offers a wider range than the old 12x25T, which makes a huge difference one climbs and straightaways alike.  We also dumped the Sunrace shifters and replaced them with Shimano Sora shifters, to match the shifters, derailleurs, and crankset for the smoothest ride ever.  Having ridden the previous year's Tiempo, the difference in this drivetrain is night and day.  The crisp shifting really blew me away, and truly changed my opinion about what an entry level groupset has to offer.



Another one of the most notable changes for 2015 is going from the heavy and clunky Weimann wheelset to the fast and stylish Tommaso Corsa TC-30 wheelset.  Featuring a 30mm rim and bladed spokes, you get the perfect blend of aerodynamics and weight savings.  The 30mm rim also helps to dampen road vibrations, adding comfort that most thought could never be achieved with an aluminum frame road bike.



We feel it is essential for every rider to be able to use all the positions on the handlebars comfortably and with ease.  On our 2015 Carbon Road Bikes, we went with an ultra-compact handlbar design that made utilizing the drop feature on the bars easier than ever.  Riders loved the new handlebars so much, that we decided to trickle down this great technology to the 2015 Tiempo.  If you have felt constrained to one or two positions on your handlebars, get ready for a breakthrough on the way you ride!



The last notable change to the Tiempo for 2015 is the saddle.  Tommaso joined forces with world class saddle manufacturer WTB, to create the custom Tommaso Volt saddle.  Offering lightweight comfort and performance, with the specially designed "Love Channel", this saddle relieves pressure and leaves you ready to power through whatever the road has to offer.

In conclusion, if you have ridden the Tiempo, or similar road bikes in the past, get ready to be impressed.  Shifting is smooth and reliable, climbing is powerful and explosive, vibrations are minimal, and the bike feels great.  The only real downside I saw while riding the bike was that it was only a 9 speed.  Having an extra speed would have been great in some situations where I needed just a little more power, but that is unfortunately a drawback for the Sora system as a whole.  Moving to the 11x28T cassette really gives you a wide range of options though and riders who are currently using 8 or 9 speed system will be thrilled by its functionality.  The wheels are great and cut through wind easily, while the hubs let you coast like a dream.  All in all, I had a blast riding the 2015 Tommaso Tiempo, and I know you will too!

If the 2015 Tommaso Tiempo sounds like the perfect bike for your 2015 season, we have a special offer for you.  Take an extra $50 off the Tiempo all week long, by using code "TIEMPO" at checkout.  This great offer expires on April 29th, so don't miss out.

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


1 Comment


December 23, 2015

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