October 07, 2014


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Product Of The Week - Shimano UNZEN 10L Pack

During a long ride on the trail or mountain, you need to stay hydrated to perform your best.  Sometimes a water bottle or two just isn't enough to quench your thirst, this is where hydration packs come in.  Featuring a 3L bladder, and all the storage you need for your ride, the compact Shimano UNZEN is the perfect ride companion.  

Some riders find hydration packs to be bulky or cumbersome, but Shimano solved these problems, making the UNZEN the premier cycling hydration pack.  This pack is ergonomically designed to cling to your back, and the strap storage pockets make the days of flapping straps a thing of the past.  With an X-shaped harness system and an internally adjustable back harness, you get maximum adjustability and comfort with ease.  This pack features a stretchy fabric for maximum efficiency, and has a specific holder for you pump, tubes, and multi-tool.  On the new UNZEN pack, Shimano really did think of everything.


If the UNZEN 10L sounds like the perfect addition to your cycling arsenal, we have a special offer for you.  This week, we are offering this incredible pack for only $75!  Just add the UNZEN 10L to your cart and use code "UNZEN" at checkout to save.  

To learn more about this amazing pack, click here:  http://giantnerd.com/collections/accessories/products/shimano-unzen-10l

Use Code "UNZEN" at checkout to save.

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


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