September 22, 2014


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Product Of The Week - Sunlite 95mm Multi-Fit Adjustable Stem

Every individual's body is a little different, so why should we all have to have the exact same stem settings?  Now we don't thanks to the Sunlite 95mm Multi-Fit Adjustable Stem.  As riders get older or sustain injury, sometimes they need a little more flexibility in the geometry of their bikes.  This stem allows you to choose your perfect stem angle, from 0° to 60°, making riding more comfortable and personalized than ever.  




Now, to make this level of adjustability available to all riders, Giantnerd is offering 25% off the Sunlite 95mm Multi-Fit Adjustable Stem.  That's right, you can customize your ride for only $22.49!  Just use code "STEM" at checkout to save.  So, if back pain and discomfort has let your bike collect dust, it is time to reclaim your glory and hit the trail.  

To learn more about the click here:

Use Code "STEM" At Checkout For 25% Off!

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


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