August 06, 2014


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Product of the Week – Finish Line Bike Lube

You wouldn't ride your car around for the entire year without changing your oil, so why would you do that to your bike?  Keeping your chain clean and lubricated is essential to keeping your ride smooth and quite.  That’s why we carry premium Finish Line lubricant in both wet and dry. 


The wet is for lubricant keeps your chain running smoothly and repels water, preventing rust.  The dry chain lube is for extreme conditions, and leaves a wax like film on the chain for long lasting rust prevention.  For the avid rider or commuter, chain lube is a must, which is why we are giving you 25% off Finish Line Bike Lube all week long.  Just use code LUBE at checkout to get a bottle for only $6.74.  Until next time have fun riding!


Interested in learning more about bike lubricants?  Click The Link Below

Chris Scheurman
Chris Scheurman


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