July 07, 2014


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Bringing Tommaso Bikes to Austin!

Not only is it the home of great live music, country dancing, and world class BBQ, Austin is one of the best cities to ride bikes in.  Fantastic bike lanes and well maintained paths are a staple of the Live Music Capital of the World.  Not two weeks ago, I was down at the capital with some friends checking out the local nightlife.  We decided to leave the cars behind, hit the trails, and explore the city how it was meant to be experienced, by bicycle.

We made a few stops and eventually ended up at Fast Folks off of E 6th.  We love to stop by the local shops to check out new bikes and cool accessories.  As a predominantly online bike seller, we really encourage customers to build a relationship with their local shops, so I always check out as many as I can when I visit a city.  If you are looking for a good bike shop in Austin, Fast Folks Cyclery is a great place to find an experienced mechanic and better service.












An Austin native myself, I want to pass on the savings to my fellow Austinites.  Give us a call at 877-731-6051 and mention this post to receive a $10 gift card for anything on the site.  I would personally suggest the Texas Polar Bottle (it’s only $9.99!) but feel free to select anything that you would like.  Hope you continue to have a great summer and you keep cool from the heat.


Justin Essler
Justin Essler


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