July 08, 2016


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Zoncolan SL - Review of Full Dura Ace, 14 lbs, Race Bike

When we went out to create the absolute best value full Dura Ace 9000 road bike on the market, we knew it wouldn't be easy. We tested different frame geometries, materials, wheelsets, and handlebars before we found the perfect combination of incredible weight savings and performance.  So, when I got the chance to test ride the final version of the long awaited Zoncolan SL, I was excited to say the least.

The Zoncolan SL is a premium full carbon bike with a High Modulus blend of Toray T800 carbon.  This carbon is stiffer and more responsive than our previous carbon models, and provides much more of a race profile.  Another amazing attribute of our new carbon frame is it weighs in at a remarkable 850 grams.  Combining this lightweight frame with our new Corsa TC50 carbon rims and hadlebars, makes the Zoncolan SL our lightest bike ever at 14.3lbs!

The Ride

Beyond all the new technologies and all the other nerdy features we are so excited about, there is only one thing that really matters, and that is how the bike rides.  Well, I personally test ride every single new model that we sell on our sight, and let me tell you this ride is amazing.  On my ride, I was immediately blown away at how effortless everything was.  The shifting is buttery smooth and the responsiveness of the derailleurs is unprecedented.  I generally use a compact crankset when climbing, but this new system allowed me to climb faster on a semi-compact while expending the same amount of energy.  When I finished climbing, I was honestly in disbelief of the level of efficiency this new bike brings to the table.

The Wheels

I have ridden all of our carbon wheelsets, and the TC50 is superior in every way.  The acceleration is incredible and the ride is insanely smooth, even when the road got a little rough.  The brake pads are also notably better, and I was transfixed by the silky purr they made as I descended.  Every sound from this ride resonates quality and performance.

The Bars

The other piece of technology on this bike that I was blown away by is the new Corsa Carbon Handlebars.  This is one particular item I really wanted to add to this bike, as I believe a comfortable and high performing handlebar really improves the overall feel in a way that few features can.  These bars feature a huge flat portion for maximum ergonomics and comfort, and really put the rider in a position of incredible control.  Couple these amazing features with a the fact that these weigh in at 200 grams, and you have a real winner.


The goal was to make the most affordable, performance racing bike on the market and the Zoncolan SL delivers.  When you compare it to what other brands are putting out for the same level of performance, you can really see how incredible this value is.  The $4,000 savings will give you plenty of extra cash to get the accessories of your dreams, splurge for those races with the crazy entry fees, and still have enough to treat the significant other to a "thanks for letting me get this awesome bike" date night.

If you have been looking for the pinnacle of performance, and the thought of the Zoncolan SL has you salivating, we have an incredible month long offer for you.  We are offer 10% off the Zoncolan SL for the entire month of July!  Just add a Zoncolan SL to your cart and use code ZONCOLAN at checkout to save 10% instantly.

Chris Schuerman
Chris Schuerman


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