March 01, 2017


2017 Tommaso Tiempo - Shimano Sora 3000

Shimano trickle down technology has finally found its way to the Sora groupset, and it is a game changer! The 2017 Tiempo is now equipped with a full Shimano Sora 3000 groupset, greatly increasing ride performance and overall quality. 

If you have ridden Sora in the past it felt very entry level, basically like a 9 speed Claris system. Last year, we saw the trickle down of Shimano 105 5800 to the upgraded Tiagra 4700 system. For 2017, we have seen the same overhaul of the Sora groupset, leaving it with a sleek new look, lighter 4-arm crankset, smoother shifting, and internal cable routing. ... CLICK HERE to learn more about the 2017 Tiempo!

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February 08, 2017


2017 Tommaso Sentiero

2017 is starting out as an exciting year here at Giantnerd.  With tons of new Tommaso Bikes in stock, great upgrades and improvements across the board, we have a better line to offer than ever. The Tommaso Sentiero, our top selling adventure bike, is a customer favorite that we made some notable upgrades on for 2017! 

The Sentiero has always been an amazing ride, so we decided to add a new matte black color that has been turning heads! You can now ride the Sentiero in two great colors to match your riding style and preferences. For 2017, the new color option is just the icing on the cake, as we upgraded the fork, cassette, and tires, creating our best entry level all-terrain ride ever.... CLICK HERE to read the full article


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December 02, 2016

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One of the best ways to enhance your performance is going to clipless pedals and shoes, but navigating the over-saturated landscape for what you need can be tough. We get daily questions about clipless pedals, from how they will help performance to which ones they need for their specific riding style. With so many different pedal and shoe options, we decided to make a post about the differences and benefits of the options available to riders.  

Terms To Know:

SPD - two hole metal cleat

SPD-SL - three hole plastic cleat

Float - the degree to which the riders foot is allowed to move before the cleat releases from the pedal

Dual Platform - these are SPD pedals that riders can use with SPD shoes or any street shoe of their choice



First, let's look at the benefits and uses of these two distinct styles:


Uses - touring, mountain biking, casual riders

Benefits - less obtrusive cleat, easier to walk in, more comfortable shoe options, larger degree of float, dual platform options available

Downside - small pedaling platform, less power transfer



Uses - road riding, road racing

Benefits - best power transfer, larger platform, better for road climbing and distance, more stiffness

Dowsides - large cleat, difficult to walk in shoes

Now that we have gone over the basic pedal options, let's look at what shoe will serve your riding needs best. There are four main shoe styles that we can discuss here: Road, Touring/Fitness, Triathlon, and Mountain/Off-Road. All these styles have different uses, so finding the ones that fit your riding style will help you obtain optimal comfort and performance.


Uses - Best for road racing, long rides, and situations where riders want to optimize their power transfer and overall control

Compatible Pedal Styles - All road shoes are compatible with SPD-SL, and many have the option to use SPD as well



Uses - These shoes generally feature a little more flex and walkability, and are great for riders looking to utilize the higher performance of clipless pedals without sacrificing the ability to walk around mid ride.  These are also a perfect balance of comfort and performance for commuters.

Compatible Pedal Styles - SPD


Uses - These are pretty specialized shoes for triathletes, and are perfect for easy entry and removal. They are also unique in the design, by allowing riders to use with or without socks

Compatible Pedal Styles - SPD-SL


Uses - Mountain and off-road riders are going to benefit from the increased traction and mud-shedding abilities. These shoes are designed to allow users to walk on a variety of surfaces and conditions, while utilizing the amazing benefits of clipless pedals.

Compatible Pedal Styles - SPD


Now that you know what type of shoes and pedals you need, click the links below to checkout available shoes in each category:  

Road     Tour/Fitness     Triathlon      Mountain/Off-Road

Checkout the whole new line of Tommaso Shoes and save!

November 01, 2016


Super Sale Demo Bikes

As the 2016 cycling season begins to wind down, we are amazed by all of the opportunities we have had to grow the brand and get more riders on Tommaso bikes.  Having been able to participate in demo events and test rides this year has allowed huge numbers of new riders to check out Tommaso Bikes, and we couldn't be happier.  This year has shown massive growth, and has brought us to a new larger warehouse and showroom than ever before, allowing us to stock more bikes for our riders.  It has also given us a large number of demo and display bikes that we now are offering riders at incredible prices.  

Many of these bikes have only been ridden a few miles and are essentially brand new.  As we clean these bikes up and make them Ready to Ride, we will be listing them on our Super Sale section of the site.  The Super Sale section of our site is a place that we offer huge savings on bikes that have been lightly demoed or have slight cosmetic blemishes.  If you are looking for a great deal on a like new bike, this is the first place to look.  


September 27, 2016


We Moved!

2016 has been an incredible year for Giantnerd, and we outgrew our old warehouse.  We just finished moving from our home base of the past four years to a much bigger and more accessible location.  This change is huge, and will allow us to stock more bikes than ever before, helping us keep up with skyrocketing demand.

The new space from the front side, soon to have a huge display sign on the front!
This past year, we saw all of our hard work come to fruition, as our sales more than doubled, allowing for future expansion in huge ways.  The only downside to this huge influx in sales was the fact that we could only stock so many bikes at a time in our old warehouse.  So, if you have been eagerly waiting on a new Tommaso and your size is out of stock, we have 1,000s of bikes in production now, with container after container being delivered to us in the coming months.  


Our new warehouse space after we got our new racking setup
A section of the new warehouse after we loaded in a new shipment of Imolas we have in stock. 


We have been getting countless emails regarding specific bike's stock levels, so here is a list of the bikes that are coming into the new warehouse with their expected arrival dates:

Forcella / La Forma (New Colors) - November 18th 2016

Sentiero / Sterrata / Avventura / Illimitate (New Colors) - November 28th 2016

Tiempo / Monza (New Colors) - December 9th 2016

If you didn't see the model you are waiting for on here, don't worry, we are getting a whole lot more models in 2017.  This new warehouse will allow us to keep stock levels higher in the future and offer new colors and models as we continue to expand.

If you live in Denver, or are just passing through, come to visit us at: 

3700 Havana Street
Unit 102
Denver, CO 80239
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July 08, 2016


Zoncolan SL - Review of Full Dura Ace, 14 lbs, Race Bike

When we went out to create the absolute best value full Dura Ace 9000 road bike on the market, we knew it wouldn't be easy. We tested different frame geometries, materials, wheelsets, and handlebars before we found the perfect combination of incredible weight savings and performance.  So, when I got the chance to test ride the final version of the long awaited Zoncolan SL, I was excited to say the least.

The Zoncolan SL is a premium full carbon bike with a High Modulus blend of Toray T800 carbon.  This carbon is stiffer and more responsive than our previous carbon models, and provides much more of a race profile.  Another amazing attribute of our new carbon frame is it weighs in at a remarkable 850 grams.  Combining this lightweight frame with our new Corsa TC50 carbon rims and hadlebars, makes the Zoncolan SL our lightest bike ever at 14.3lbs! ... Continue Reading & Save

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April 20, 2016

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Reviewing The New Tommaso La Forma & Sano

The La Forma & Sano have always been a favorite among commuters, urban riders, or those just looking to get out and enjoy the freedom cycling has to offer.  For 2016 we decided to keep everything that customers love about these bikes, while giving them a makeover to push them to a new degree of performance.  By redesigning the frame and putting a premium Shimano Acera crankset on these bikes, the fitness line will never be the same.

The frames are looking great with new paint jobs, but the real upgrade ... Click Here to read whole post.

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December 16, 2015


Benefits Of Carbon Wheels

We all know one of the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade your ride is by upgrading your wheelset.  Wheelsets can speed up acceleration, drop weight, increase speed, and make you coast effortlessly.  The question a lot of riders run into is whether to go with upgraded aluminum wheels, or make the switch to carbon.  While there are inherent benefits of each, it really comes down to what you value in your riding.  We are going to talk about some of the benefits associated with each, to put riders in a better position to make the best decision for their ride.  

One of the most notable advantages of carbon rims is aerodynamics.  Carbon rims will almost always outperform their aluminum counterparts in wind tunnel tests, and these aerodynamic advantages can make all the difference in long rides and race situations.  For this reason, we offer three different rim depth options on the new Tommaso Corsa Wheel line, to best meet every riders aerodynamic and aesthetic needs.

Another clear advantage of the carbon rims is vibration reduction.  As all riders know, more carbon on your bike translates directly to reduced vibrations due to the nature of the material.  Carbon frames, forks, stems, and seatposts deliver a smoother ride through the reduction of road vibrations, as carbon dampens vibration much better than aluminum.  This also applies (in a huge way) to carbon rims, and you definitely get a smoother ride out of a carbon wheelset than its aluminum counterpart.  Which makes sense, considering your wheels are the first contact point with the pavement.

Up until now, we have only been looking at the advantages of carbon rims, but aluminum rims don't always come up second best.  During harsh weather riding, such as rain or snow, aluminum rims have a clear advantage, as aluminum braking surfaces perform better when very wet.  Carbon braking surfaces and brake pads tend to have somewhat decreased braking abilities in wet condition and need to be dry for optimal performance.  On the other hand, aluminum milled braking surfaces work quite well across the board and offer consistent, reliable braking in all weather.  Carbon rims have gotten significantly better in regards to braking over the years, so riders need not worry about being able to stop, but alloy rims still win this round.

While weight savings is an attribute people associate with carbon rims, this belief is more based in the fact that riders going to carbon are generally upgrading from a lower end aluminum rim.  The thought that carbon rims automatically offer huge weight savings over aluminum rims is actually a widespread fallacy, and many times carbon rims and aluminum rims of the same level are only a few grams apart.  

While sometimes weight savings may be less significant than one would think, there is one advantage that becomes immediately apparent to most riders, and that is acceleration.  Carbon rims just seem to accelerate better, which can give you that edge when racing against friends, starting at that stoplight with cars behind you, or getting ready to climb that hill.  

The final benefit of the carbon rims is the leap into aesthetic and auditory awesomeness.  We all know carbon rims look sexy, turn heads, and can really make any bike look incredibly sleek and well equipped.  Many riders, absolutely love the sound that carbon rims give when coasting, and it really let's others in your riding circle know that you upgraded (if that is something you care about).  Honestly, they just sound and look great, which in a sport where aesthetics are more important than most cyclists care to admit out loud, is a benefit that just can't be ignored.


To those of us who have been riding for some time now and are quite familiar with the sport and what makes one bike better than another, carbon rims show money well spent.  For example, an aluminum bike with a great component set and carbon rims will perform better than a lower level carbon frame with aluminum rims and lower end components, while costing the rider the same amount.  Investing in your wheels is a move that will pay performance dividends to your riding for years to come.

Whether or not upgrading to carbon rims is worthwhile for you is a personal choice.  Considering all of the above factors, as well as your budget, and really thinking about the type of riding you are looking to do is a great way to get started.  The new Tommaso Corsa Carbon Rims are currently running at the unbeatable introductory price point of $500 for the holiday season, which for many riders makes the decision that much easier.

If you have been looking to make the upgrade to carbon rims, take advantage of the incredible half off holiday sale on these rims.  This special promotion will only last through the end of the week, so don't miss out.

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September 25, 2015


Cross Vegas 2015

While in Las Vegas for the 2015 Interbike show, a few of us were lucky enough to attend a historic event, the first Cyclocross World Cup in the USA.  Having never been to a professional cyclocross event in my life, I was very excited to see what all the hype was about.  Luckily Shimano/Pearl Izumi was awesome and hooked us up with some free VIP tickets, and cowbells, for Cross Vegas.  

Before the race started, we got the opportunity to walk around and check out all of the different obstacles and features that the course had to offer.  With dirt, logs, and deep sand on various regions of the course, I was very interested and new it would be thrilling to see the teams race. ... Read Full Article

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August 11, 2015


The Balance Bike Revolution

If you are a parent with young kids, you are probably anxious to get them into all the fun that two wheels have to offer.  Who doesn't want their kids to enjoy that same incredible mixture of excitement, nerves, and freedom?  Which brings us to the real question of training wheels or a balance bike?  This has been a heated debate for the past 5 years or so, causing many arguments and even pitting parents against one another on the best way to teach the little ones to ride.


Like any great argument, there is a notable point of disagreement, which is whether to teach kids the way we all learned, training wheels, or whether to venture into the relatively new world of balance bikes.  I think most of us have a lot of fond memories associated with our introduction to the bicycle, so it is easy to see how nostalgia can easily leave one thinking that the way they learned is the best or only way to go about it. Continue Reading ...

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