Shimano Ultegra ST-6703 Shifters

by: Shimano

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With the Ultegra ST-6703, Shimano decided it was time to internally route the cables that used to stick out from the sides like cockroach feelers, giving your handlebars a much cleaner look and your hands more room to move around. Throw in ergo black carbon levers and you get a stealth look that hasn’t been seen in Ultegra Road Shifters until now. Effortless shifting is credited to Shimano’s trusty Hyper-Glide technology, and closer pivot points allow the rider access to the brake from the hoods with even less effort than before.

    • Adjustable Lever Reach allows lever reach travel to narrow by 6.5mm or 13mm
    • Flight Deck Cycle Computer Compatible
    • Internal Cable housing makes for light steering action and reduced clutter
    •  3x10 shifter set

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