Crank Bothers M17 Multi-Tool

by: Crank Brothers

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CrankBrothers Multi-17 Tool features both a chain tool and a disc-brake-rotor-friendly Torx T-25 wrench alongside the usual package. The Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool has mountain bikers first in mind. Nothing besides a flat or a broken bone will stop your ride as quickly as a busted chain, and if you ride hard you're bound to snap a link sometime. The Multi 17 might not be the absolute lightest tool or smallest on the market, but the extra grams are well worth it because if you don't have the right tool when the chips are down, you're dead weight anyway. This tool features four spoke wrench sizes, seven hex wrench sizes, an 8mm and 10mm open wrench, and both a phillips and flathead screwdriver.

    • Weight:               168g
    • Length:               3.5"/89mm
    • Frame:               6061-T6 aluminum steel
    • Tools:                 6150 high sensile
    • Weighs               461 g (1.01 lb.)

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