April 15, 2015


Tommaso Strava Club Ride & Earn Rewards Program

Ride Hard & Get Rewarded


Tommaso riders, you can now earn free gear and exclusive discounts just for riding your bike!  Every time that you earn a badge on a Strava challenge, you receive a reward from Tommaso.  These rewards range from special discounts to free products, and will change monthly.  Ride hard, hit your goals this season, and earn rewards, it is that easy.  Check out the reward structure for April below:

To join the free Tommaso Strava Club and start earning rewards today, CLICK HERE.  The reward structure will change every month, so be sure to check frequently.

Checkout the Tommaso Stava Club activity for this week, and see how other Tommaso riders are doing!




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April 13, 2015


2015 Tommaso Monza Review

I have just finished thoroughly testing all four of the new 2015 Tommaso Aluminum Bikes, and I have to say I am impressed.  Over the next month, I will be reviewing the four new models, to let you know the benefits and downsides of each new model.  Each week, there will be a special discount for the bike that is at the center of the discussion.  

This week, I wanted to talk a little about the 2015 Tommaso Monza, and let riders know what is different for 2015.  The first thing I noticed upon pulling the Monza out of the box was how great the new TC-40 wheelset looked.  These deep dish rims are amazing and really give the bike some aesthetic appeal.  Next, the paint scheme this year is a little different than what we have done in the past, and it looks great.  The handlebars also have a compact design on the 2015 Monza, which really helps riders utilize the drops easier and take advantage of all handlebar positions.  So, let's break down the different aspects of the bike, and see if this is the perfect ride for your 2015 season.


To start things off, let's take a look at the frame, which is actually re-designed for 2015.  The new frame utilizes more tube shaping than has been used in past models, which really gives it a sleek, fast, and modern look.  The frame is also a compact, which makes positioning great for riders and really relieves stresses on your back during longer rides.  All in all, the new frame is a nice step up from last year's model, and feels great on the road.


The drivetrain for the Monza is going to be very similar to last year's model, as it still utilizes a blend of Tiagra, 105, and FSA.  The crankset is going to be an FSA Vero, which is a great mid-level crankset.  The FSA Vero integrates very well with the Tiagra & 105 system, and offers smooth power.  We went with a 105 rear derailleur and a Tiagra front derailleur and shifters.  This blend delivers smooth shifting, and a little extra get-up on the rear derailleur, giving riders shifting power where they need it most.  Finally, we went with a Tiagra cassette, as we had done on previous models, but changed the gearing ratio to add great climbing power.  Switching from an 11x25T cassette to a 12x28T cassette allows riders to climb steeper grades with ease, without sacrificing flat land speed.  When riding the bike at on some steep grades over the weekend, this was one of the most notable benefits of the 2015 Monza.



One of the most obvious changes for 2015 is defintely going to be switching from Alex R450 rims to Tommaso TC-40 Aero rims.  The Alex rims were decent intermediate rims, but did not offer much in the way of aerodynamics and speed, which offered us a great opportunity for 2015.  To add aerodynamics and speed for the new Monza, we developed the 40mm deep dish rim, with bladed spokes.  The deep dish rim offers great aero features and allows the Monza to cut through the wind with ease.  Another added benefit is the increased centrifigal force offers increased stability and costing ability, making this the most stable of the 2015 Aluminum line.  While this upgraded wheelset did add some weight to the 2015 model, the benefits seems to greatly outweigh the additional weight gain.


We feel it is essential for every rider to be able to use all the positions on the handlebars comfortably and with ease.  On our 2015 Carbon Road Bikes, we went with an ultra-compact handlbar design that made utilizing the drop feature on the bars easier than ever.  Riders loved the new handlebars so much, that we decided to trickle down this great technology to the 2015 Monza.  



The last notable change to the Monza for 2015 is the saddle.  Tommaso joined forces with world class saddle manufacturer WTB, to create the custom Tommaso Volt saddle.  Offering lightweight comfort and performance, with the specially designed "Love Channel", this saddle relieves pressure and leaves you ready to power through whatever the road has to offer.


That is a little summary of what the new 2015 Tommaso Monza has to offer riders.  To sum it all up, the Monza looks great, climbs like a dream, and offers some incredible upgrades riders will notice immediately.  With only a slight weight gain from last year's model, the Monza is perfect for riding local races, exploring, and group rides with friends.

If the 2015 Tommaso Monza sounds like the perfect bike for your 2015 season, we have a special offer for you.  Take an extra $50 off the Monza all week long, by using code "MONZA" at checkout.  This great offer expires on April 20th, so don't miss out.


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March 25, 2015


Compact Handlebars Are Changing The Game

Have you ever been on a long ride and wished that the drops on your handlebars were a little more shallow and easy to access?  Well, you are not alone.  For years I have always felt uncomfortable in the drop position for long periods of time, because of the awkward position they force you into.  Oh, and did I forget to mention how hard it is to reach the shifters and brake levers from this position on some handlebars?  For these reasons many drops go unused, leaving riders with no benefits, except for maybe some cleaner portions of grip tape.  

I have talked with other riders regarding this, to see if this was a common issue for cyclists.  To my surprise, many people rarely use the drop portion of their bars, while others forgo the drops all together.  All this talk brought up the question of 'Why are the drops there if we are never going to use them?'.  When we brought this question up at Giantnerd, we decided that we needed to make it easier for customers to use their drops.  So, we got in touch with the production team and got the bars on the 2015 Tommaso Carbon line to have some new compact handlebars.  After patiently waiting, we received the new carbon bikes with compact handlebars last Summer and began testing them immediately.  We all went on a few rides and unanimously agreed we were never going back to full size handlebars.  

The ability to really utilize the drops is something many of us had never focused on before, and now that it was a real option, we all found ourselves riding in the position all the time.  Riding in the drops offers many advantages and really does put your in an optimal position for speed and power, not to mention the shifters are right there for ease of use.  Compact bars are really an incredible way to step up your ride and really use all of the positioning options available to you as a cyclist.

Our customers seem to agree as well, as we have received rave reviews about the new bars.  For the 2015 Tommaso Aluminum line, we decided to keep the momentum going and use the Tommaso compact handlebars for all the 2015 bikes.  Now riders of all levels can enjoy the added benefits and start riding their best.  Gone are the days of being hunched over, causing back pain and discomfort.  The difference may not seem extreme, but it makes a world of difference on the road.

Interested in the benefits of compact handlebars?  Hop on a any 2015 Tommaso bike and try out the incredible benefits for yourself immediately!  Click Here to check out the current selection of 2015 Tommaso bikes to find your perfect fit today.

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March 17, 2015


Shimano R170 Review

We get a lot of questions from customers asking what the difference between your average road shoe and a high end road shoe.  It is a great question, that I myself did not fully know the answer to until recently, when I made the switch to the Shimano R170 SPD-SL shoes.  The following has been my expereience, and why I am not hooked on the R170.

With Race season coming up I decided I needed every advantage I could get to be as competitive as possible this year.  So, after some deliberation, I decided to retire my old Shimano R078 shoes and take a big leap to the R170.  I had heard that the increased stiffness and improved materials would make a huge difference in my riding, so I gave it a try in training for an upcoming race.  

Upon slipping into these shoes for the first time, the first thing that I noticed was the outside texture of the shoe.  The minimal fabric design design was tough and sexy, with great ventilation.  Also, the textured material on the outside of the shoe will most certainly be more resistant to signs of wear than my previous shoes.

After a few rides, this shoes makes lesser models feel like slippers.  The R170 hugs your foot as tight as you need it to, with the ratchet system, without ever feeling uncomfortable.  It greatly differs from shoes I have worn in the past because the body is using less material and I feel like the shoe becomes a seamless part of my foot while riding.  The lightness of the shoes is extremely apparent on long climbs and those training days when you just seem to have heavier legs than usual.

Over the Winter, I first started using these shoes on a stationary bike at spin class.  I immediately noticed more accessibility to muscle groups that were otherwise hindered with my previous shoes from the need to focus too much on balancing on a small platform.  The stiffness of these shoes, Shimano rating of 10 for stiffness, makes the whole sole of the shoe feel like a platform, instead of just focusing on the ball of my foot.  This bigger platform feel has provided better balance, more power, and has decreased my fatigue while riding, making me faster and happier than ever before.

So, if you are looking to make the switch and try a newer stiffer shoe to up your game this season, give it a try.  I guarantee you will see a huge difference and never looks back.  

Until next time, keep training hard and enjoy the ride!

You can check out the incredible Shimano R170 shoes for yourself HERE

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March 09, 2015


How Pearl Izumi Is Leading The Cycling Industry

As most riders know, Pearl Izumi is the standard that all other road cycling gear is based on.  Founded in 1950, Pearl Izumi has led the way on many great developments we use everyday as cyclists.  At Giantnerd, we are proud to carry these great products and work with Pearl Izumi to make all of our Tommaso Cycling Logo Wear.  If you want to learn more about how the cycling clothing industry has changed and grown over the years, checkout the video below.

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February 26, 2015


What Is Really New With Ultegra 6800?

If you love cycling, you probably heard about or got the chance to try the new Ultegra 6800 in the 2014 season.  Everyone, especially us, was really excited about getting the extra benefits the 11 speed groupset offers, this is especially true for the climbers who just need a little extra on steep grades.  What really makes the groupset great though is all that is borrows directly from the Dura Ace 9000 groupset.

Now to get into the real question of “What is really new about the 6800 groupset?”.  Besides the obvious increase in the number of speeds, riders can expect notable upgrades in shifting, subtle but worthwhile changes to derailleurs, a friction reducing chain, and a stiffer, more customizable crankset.

Let’s start off by talking about the improved shifting with the Shimano Vivid Shifting system.  This revolutionary system allows riders to have the same feel when shifting at the high and low end of the, avoiding the heavier resistance when shifting to the big cogs riders experienced in previous years.  We have tried this out to see if you can really tell a difference while shifting and we have to say it is quite obvious.  I wouldn’t say that it feels the exact same shifting in the highest and lowest gears, but it is definitely the closest we have ever seen.  Another great benefit of the shifters is that the throw of the lever is reduced, allowing you to shift easier while in the drops.  Finally, when you are shifting under a load, the shifting performance is outstanding.  You can go as hard as you want while shifting and not get the issue you have experienced in previous years with other groupsets.

Moving onto the derailleurs, we see some subtle changes that will make your riding experience better.  On the front derailleur, you will notice a reduction in shift effort, thanks to the better activation arms.  The front derailleur is also stiffer thanks to a support bolt, like you would see in a Di2 unit.  For the rear derailleur, not as much has changed, but you will notice that there is a more linear feel while shifting thanks to a small change in the spring.


For the chain, Shimano went with a symmetrical one this year, making it easier for the home user to install.  The biggest innovation to the chain is the PTFE coating, which acts as a lubricant and armor coating, greatly reducing corrosion and improving chain life.  If you have been riding a Ultegra 6700 chain, get ready to see smoother shifting, decreased resistance, and unbeatable chain life.


Finally, we will look at the crankset, which looks notable different than the 6700 model.  For the 6800 model, Shimano chose to go with a four arm system, which reduces weight while giving extra strength in the regions that take the most stress during pedaling.  Not only does this new design give great stiffness and weight savings, but it also offers the most chainring customization option for the crank ever. 


At the end of the day, I think everyone who has tried the Shimano 6800 setup will agree it is incredible.  While cycling companies are always touting innovations and upgrades, much like automobile manufacturers, the changes in the 6800 system actually make a difference to real riders.  If you are looking to step up your riding, definitely check this system out.

Interested in a Tommaso bike featuring this amazing system?  Check out the Tommaso Superleggera and the Tommaso Aggraziato.  Both of these bikes have received great reviews you can read here: http://giantnerd.com/pages/2015-aggraziato-reviewhttp://giantnerd.com/pages/tommaso-superleggera-dura-ace-9000-review

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February 09, 2015


Pearl Izumi Select Tommaso Custom Jerseys & Shorts

We have had a lot of requests for Tommaso logo cycling wear over the past year, so we got together with Pearl Izumi and made a kit for all the Tommaso riders out there.  We chose Pearl Izumi Select material for the jersey to offer premium moisture wicking and form fitting comfort, as Select Transfer fabric is the benchmark for compression and moisture control.  

When creating the design, we put out a survey to all our customers to see what would be everyone's favorite look for the new jerseys would be.  There were a lot of design options out there and after two rounds of voting, we got it down to just a few designs.  There was a great response to all the surveys and this was by far the most popular design, so we made it!

The shorts feature a comfortable and quick drying chamois padding, flatlock seams, and silicone leg grippers for exceptional performance and comfort.  The jersey features an extremely comfortable semi-form fitting style, a half zip for extra venting, and three back pockets for easy storage.  

If you want to start riding this great kit today (of course you do, who wouldn't want to look this good), we have a special offer for you.  For the month of February, we are offering 35% off these stylish and performance driven jerseys and shorts.  Just add any of these great items to your cart and use code "LOGO" at checkout.  

Click here to get the kit today:  http://giantnerd.com/collections/tommaso-logo-cycling

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January 29, 2015


2015 Tommaso Aluminum Bikes Arrive In March

The 2015 Tommaso Aluminum Road Bike Line is almost in!  We made a lot of changes and upgrades this year and we are extremely excited about the new line.  Every one of these bikes is upgraded from previous years, making the 2015 series our best bikes ever.  Check out the new bikes below.

2015 Tommaso Imola                         2015 Tommaso Forcella
    2015 Tommaso Tiempo                          2015 Tommaso Monza
Click Here For A Sneak Peak At The Specs: http://giantnerd.com/collections/renderings

We are beginning to take pre-sale holds on these bikes and if you are interested, please email us at Service@giantnerd.com or call our friendly service staff at 877-731-6051.  

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January 14, 2015


Road Bike Action Magazine Reviews The 2015 Aggraziato

The review for the 2015 Aggraziato just came in today.  Road Bike Action Magazine test ride the Aggraziato for a hwile and get a great feel of it.  Click the link to ready the review:  http://giantnerd.com/pages/2015-aggraziato-review

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January 13, 2015


Check Out The Tommaso Strava Team

Do you love riding Tommaso bikes?  Of course  you do, but sometimes it is hard to find other Tommaso riders.  That is exactly why we started the Tommaso Strava Team, so you can meet, compete, and have fun riding your Tommaso with friends.  Log your rides and compete with Tommaso riders all over the country.  Do you have what it takes to get our top spot?

Click here to join the team for free today: http://www.strava.com/clubs/tommaso-cycling-117784.  There will be special prizes and offers for riders, so sign up and start logging your miles.  

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