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Superleggera Dura Ace 9000 Review Is In!

July 16, 2014

The review that many of you have been waiting on has arrived.  We sent a new Superleggera Dura Ace 9000 to right after we got the new line of 11 speed carbon bikes in, and after several weeks of riding the review is in.  This review will cover everything from components to how the bike is packaged when it arrives at your door. 


If you have been looking to switch to an 11 speed bike this summer, this is definitely an article worth reading.  The only thing they dinged us on in the article is the positioning of the hoods.  We are re-positioning hoods and re-wrapping them on every single one of the new carbon bikes that goes out, to assure that this is fixed and that the hoods are in the proper position.  So, if you have been looking to make the switch check out the article and give our friendly staff a call at 877-731-6051.  

To read the full review click here:

 Chris S.

Product of the Week - Park Tool VP-1C Patch Kit

July 15, 2014

There is almost nothing worse than being on a great ride and having your momentum halted by a flat tire.  Luckily though, most of us carry a spare tube or two in the pack for just such a situation, and we are easily cruising again in no time.  Now, what happens if you are riding a rough area, and you get two flats, or you were a Good Samaritan and gave away a tube to an unprepared rider?  You may wind up in a situation where you are out there and tubeless, which is exactly why riders keep ultralight patch kits in their cycling bags.  This lightweight kit can keep the wheels turning and turn a potentially bad situation into a minor bump in the road.


Park Tool gives you 6 different patches to fix just about any pinch, puncture, or blowout.  The self vulcanizing fluid bonds the patch to your tire at the molecule level, so you can get where you need to go without fear.  To make sure every rider can add this trip saving little kit to their bag, we are offering 25% off the Park Tool Patch VP-1C Kit all week long.  Just use code PATCH at checkout and get this gem for only $5.24.  At that price it is just no-brainer.  Protecting your ride and planning for is how you can have a great experience mile after mile.  Until next time, thanks for reading and ride on.


Click here to get a Park Tool Patch VP-1C Kit of your own!